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Low Cost Options For Managing Your Scent While Afield


With the advent of scent-lock technology, lots of hunters are investing in the scent-free gear, but there's still some simple tactics of keeping your scent down without having to spend a ton of money.


Store your clothes in a heavy duty plastic garbage bag or plastic tub. Wash your hunting clothes after each season in unscented soap. Duh. You can go with the fancy "scent eliminator" soap or just get the regular store brand with no perfumes or dyes - both seem to work just fine.


Common sense tells you not to fill up with gas while wearing your camo, or going to the bar with your gear still on. Oddly enough, I see hunters do this every season. It's hard to believe. Wow.


At deer camp, avoid frying up any bacon or sausage before heading out into the woods. The smell is strong and pungent and lingers in your pores for days. I know it's tough, but lay off the schweinfleisch.


For you coffee-drinking mouth-breathers, eat a nice crispy apple while you head out to your stand. My brother brushes his teeth with baking soda, but I think that tastes like crap. Apples taste good. They clean your mouth and neutralizes strong coffee breath.


For a simple and natural scent cover up, get cozy with a nearby pine tree.  Set your weapon aside and rub around in the pine boughs before you head out to the woods.  Make sure to get the 'problem' areas:  hat, armpits, boots, crotch area. 


Make sure you don't walk too fast, especially with a heavy coat on or woolies. Sweating will increase your odor and your chances of getting cold in your stand. Take 'er easy. No sweat.