BMW2007LockedAntlersBack.jpg (165993 bytes) BMW2007LockedAntlersLeft.jpg (181298 bytes) BMW2007LockedAntlersRight.jpg (180597 bytes) BMW2007LockedAntlersTop.jpg (171005 bytes)

These locked bucks were found in Canada.

BMWMK06ElkBrownAsitLay.jpg (206590 bytes)   BMWMK06ElkBrownSetMountains.jpg (199828 bytes)   BMWMK06ElkMuleLunchbreak.jpg (310498 bytes)

Mark and John sent in these nice photographs from Colorado. The fresh brown set with the beautiful background roughly scores 330" with an estimated 40 inch spread. Great extra brows on that one. A good weekend out west for those two fellas. Keep it up!

  BMWMHH27ptFront.jpg (131886 bytes)  BMWMHH27ptSide.jpg (145689 bytes)  BMWMHH27ptSideLow.jpg (119810 bytes)  BMWMHH27ptSled.jpg (122204 bytes)  BMWMHH27ptFence.jpg (138496 bytes) BMWMHHShedPile.jpg (106958 bytes)

BMWMHHSnowShoes.jpg (115337 bytes)  BMWMHH15Pounder.jpg (125526 bytes)  BMWMHH15PounderAlt.jpg (132363 bytes)

This is an impressive set of photographs sent in by a friend from the New England area. The 27 point full skull is a find of a lifetime. Nice collection!

BMW4by5SetGregoireJ.jpg (65232 bytes)  BMW5by7SetGregoireJ.jpg (153261 bytes)  BMW6by6SetGregoireJ.jpg (67000 bytes)  BMWGregoireS7pt.jpg (211063 bytes)

All the bones were found in Northeastern Alberta near the city of Cold Lake. The match sets were found by Joe Gregoire and the huge 7 point was found by Sue Gregoire.  The photo of Sue's 7 point doesn't do it justice.  It is a tank!  They spent a lot of time in the bush trying to find the match.  Who knows, maybe next year.

BMWEadesBrownElk.jpg (127566 bytes) BMWEadesElk5L.jpg (138599 bytes) BMWEadesElk5R.jpg (136969 bytes) BMWEadesElk6.jpg (103537 bytes) BMWEadesElk6Hill.jpg (122731 bytes) BMWEadesElk6Mass.jpg (115180 bytes) BMWEadesElk6Rocks.jpg (147730 bytes) BMWEadesBrownElkSkull.jpg (147741 bytes)

Peter Eades found this nice collection of elk antlers, including an impressive bull elk skull.

BMWEades5ptElk.jpg (131508 bytes)  BMWEades6ptElk.jpg (148698 bytes)  BMWEades6ptWhitetail.jpg (119802 bytes)  BMWEades6ptWhitetailAlt.jpg (123809 bytes)

Peter Eades found these nice antlers in Colorado. There's a couple nice single elk sheds, along with a dandy 6pt whitetail antler, a rare find for out west.

JackBrownFlyer4ptShed.jpg (137626 bytes)  JackBrown7ptShed.jpg (148072 bytes)  JackBrown9ptShed.jpg (104799 bytes)  BMWJack10ptFind.jpg (190169 bytes)  BMWJack11ptFind.jpg (187999 bytes)  BMWVintageSheds.jpg (122446 bytes)

Jack Brown of Manitoba, Canada sent in these impressive whitetail finds. The sheds were found in the spring of 2003. Each one has lots of character and non-typical growth. The big 9pt was found in an opening with just the points sticking out of the grass. Jack looked for 3 hours but couldn't find the other side. The middle one was found in a clump of poplars along with a smaller shed not pictured. The first dead buck was found in October. It either got hit by a vehicle or was never recovered by a hunter. The last buck was found in the spring while shed hunting and probably died of natural causes. Tough winters and predation can be hard on big bucks with low reserves. The last photo is a mounted set of shed antlers found back in the 1960's. This giant buck scores around 174". An interesting collection of some great finds!

BMWAlexCaribou.jpg (70761 bytes)

Lex discovered this nice tall caribou rack while blazing trail for Denali National Park in AK September, 2003. A pretty unique antler pattern featuring a "triple shovel." Denali provides an excellent backdrop on this rare clear Alaskan day.

BMWVintageMooseLock.jpg (76431 bytes)

Here's a vintage circa 1950 photograph of locked bull moose found in northern Minnesota.

BMWCaribouSkull.jpg (130767 bytes)

Brock Baier of Sheds & Arrowheads found this caribou skull up on the tundra of northern Canada. A great photo of a neat find.

BMWBigMulieDay.jpg (86374 bytes)   BMWBigMulieOutline.jpg (67664 bytes)

Peter Eades sent in these photographs he took of a giant mule deer. He also photographed this incredible buck last summer. See photo below of the same big buck in full velvet. This is one impressive animal.

VanBeckMatchCamo copy.jpg (65964 bytes)  VanBeckMatches.jpg (128248 bytes)

Greg and Cory Van Beck, both Minnesotans, found these two phenomenal sets of shed antlers in Saskatchewan, Canada. These are two consecutive years off the same giant buck. The first year's antlers on the left score 85 and 90 inches. The ones on the right are even bigger. Two years, two sets; nice work.

BMWGoliathBuck.jpg (62187 bytes)

This buck was photographed on August 5, 2003. He's a breeder buck on a game farm in Pennsylvania. If it were a wild deer and it were harvested using fair chase methods, I'd say it might give the Beatty Buck a run for its money. This is an incredible specimen.

 BMWEadesMule6.jpg (115548 bytes) BMWEadesMule7.jpg (93072 bytes) BMWEadesMule8.jpg (95075 bytes) BMWEadesMuleLog.jpg (108243 bytes) BMWEadesMuleDroptine.jpg (123369 bytes) BMWEadesMuleSkull.jpg (105648 bytes)  

Peter Eades, an avid photographer  and shed antler enthusiast sent in this batch of mule deer photos. These are some excellent shots of the Rocky Mountain western landscape. The sheds are some of his nicer ones he's collected from over the years. They all score well and have some neat character. The giant live mule deer is a true monarch of the mountainside; a world class animal. The other two  are also some good muley bucks.

BMWEadesMonsterMuley.jpg (103818 bytes)  BMWEadesSkylineMuley.jpg (73726 bytes)  BMWEadesMuleySkylineSilhouette.jpg (60223 bytes)

BMWAlaskaMooseSkullCLiff.jpg (91797 bytes)  BMWAlaskaMooseSkullSpruce.jpg (97888 bytes)  BMWMooseAntlerNoDocking.jpg (70006 bytes)  BMWMooseAntlerRock.jpg (57345 bytes)  BMWMooseAntlerSheds.jpg (116039 bytes)  BMWMooseAntlerSign.jpg (69225 bytes) BMWIsleRoyaleMooseSkulls.jpg (117872 bytes) BMWMooseAntlerWater.jpg (109302 bytes)

The first two moose skulls are from Alaska; some big ones. The next five photographs are from Isle Royale on Lake Superior. The island hosts a fairly well-balanced ecosystem, independent of human interference and it's against the law to remove shed antlers. So bring your camera if you go, they are out there.

MooseLock.jpg (91495 bytes)

Here's a very rare find: locked bull moose. It looks like sometime in the spring up north; most likely Canada. The woods is just starting to green up, and the bulls still look to be in really good shape.  There was probably some heavy snowfall after these guys locked up, keeping them well-preserved.  What an incredible fresh find; two great bulls.

BucksLock1.jpg (96229 bytes)  BucksLock2.jpg (81825 bytes)  WadeLockShedBrock copy.jpg (49907 bytes)

Here's a couple dandy bucks that fought to their death. This amazing lock was sent in by Brock Baier of Alberta, Canada. He, his cousin and a friend went out one day and came across these two 150"-160" class bucks, along with several other nice shed antlers.

BrockAsItLaidSnow.jpg (46556 bytes)  BMWBrockSetAtTheyLay.jpg (98683 bytes)  BrockSet.jpg (47884 bytes)  BrockWithSet.jpg (79487 bytes)

Some more giant bucks from Alberta, Canada. Brock Baier found these antlers.  The match is an impressive set that nets in the 160's, a real gem.